Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving! Now Buy Us Stuff...

Well, it's about that time... we're off for the long weekend, but we just wanted to make sure that you were aware that, traditionally, the days after Thanksgiving are when you can find really good deals on things. It's also the day you're most likely to die, probably from a car accident or shopping aggression. But if you want to buy stuff for us, here are some suggestions:

Concert posters: They're the best kind of art because a.) they can commemorate an awesome time and b.) they (usually) don't require you to think. Check here and here for some great ones.

Amazon: They're basically giving away DVDs at this point. Here's a calendar of their "Lightning" Deals, but browse this to see all the TV on DVD goodness. Buy something for someone and yourself (AND us)!!!

Happy Thanksgiving. Stay safe. Eat food. Don't try to move... moving's for suckers. Just lie there and let the tryptophan coma wash over you.

The Muppets - "Bohemian Rhapsody"

1 million+ views in less than 2 days. That perfectly summarizes the appeal of something that combines two incredible childhood memories: the Muppets and Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody." You learned how to count watching Sesame Street, and as soon as you got a car, you popped in Queen's Greatest Hits, cranked "Bohemian Rhapsody," and lip-synced the whole thing (recreating that amazing scene from Wayne's World). And if you didn't do BOTH of those things, then you're probably a Communist. There, I said it.

Vintage Lady Gaga

You've undoubtedly seen performances like these (if not this exact video) from Stefani Germanotta, now globally known as Lady Gaga. I personally find her current attention-whoring persona grating. But I'd never claim that she can't write incredible hooks and great pop songs. I don't know anything about her personal history, and maybe there were already too many Regina Spektor-types out there, making it hard to break through. But these performances from NYU's annual talent show prove one thing: the girl is gifted. The first song, "Captivated," sounds a lot like "Poker Face," and I wouldn't be surprised to learn that they're essentially the same song. "Electric Kiss" is just straight-forward power-pop. I wonder if the audience realized what they were watching.

R. Kelly: Master of the Single Entendre

Any song that starts out with "Girl you make me wanna get you pregnant" really doesn't need any explanation. And it could only come from one man: Kells. He's conscripted fellow R&Bers The-Dream, Robin Thicke, and Tyrese (he's still alive??) to drop unambiguous verses about "the sexing." I have to assume that all Best of 2009 lists are being withheld until December 8 when R. Kelly's Untitled finally drops. It's gon' be HUGE!

Grizzly Bear Tackle The Notwist

Apparently, Grizzly Bear remixed The Notwist's "Boneless" before having a bunch of tracks from Veckatimest get the very same treatment (seriously, 2009 has been "The Year of Remixing Grizzly Bear"). "Boneless" was also remixed by Panda Bear (nee Noah Lennox, from Animal Collective), and while the Grizzly Bear version burns quite a bit slower and darker, both are solid and provided below.

The Notwist - "Boneless" (Grizzly Bear Remix)

via [GvB]

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

James Murphy - Scorer of Soundtracks

A trailer that uses LCD Soundsystem's "All My Friends." A mature Ben Stiller (not mature as in old or whatever... mature as in "When a comedian goes from doing slap-stick comedy to dark comedy, like Adam Sandler in Punch-Drunk Love"). A German shepherd. LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy writing the score (and making a cameo!). A plot based on the metaphysics of aging. At least one scene in which a character is in a hospital bed. Another scene in which an elder imparts wisdom disguised as witty dialogue upon a group of youngsters. Noah Baumbach.

These are the things lit grad students (they're the worst!) pine for in their movies. All seem to be present in Greenberg. It's like Garden State, except only for people who really get it, man!

Jimmy Fallon as Neil Young as Fresh Prince?!?

Did I miss something? Is Jimmy Fallon funny now? Because I've gotta be honest... this is really good. I actually thought it was Neil Young for like 2 seconds. He made it through the whole song without laughing, which makes me think one of two things: either it was pre-recorded, or he finally understands that the actors in comedic bits aren't supposed to laugh hysterically. Either way, this is a great rendition of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song.